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FastFutures Programme

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ameliorate our students not just on their academic trajectories but their personal journeys, navigating through a highly competitive and demanding career can sometimes be daunting for young children, teens and adults. FastFutures is a bespoke tailored programme we offer to students who need that push in developing their confidence and resilience needed to tackle their professional and personal hurdles post academia. This comprises our Confidence Building programme and our Coaching programme. We aim to prepare all of our students for setting ambitious goals for their future and pushing themselves to new and exciting directions. 

Unfortunately, many pupils may lack confidence by negative experiences in life which perhaps stems from the absence of the necessary familial and social support. The Achievers Club focuses on dismantling these negative perceptions and offering a new slate for our students to get to know their own skills and attributes whilst helping them become more assertive in themselves. Some pupils may simply fall behind in certain areas only, challenges that range from public speaking, lack of presentation experience to even general vernacular and elocution difficulties etc. At The Achievers Club we hone powerful training techniques to provide a tailored programme to combat the subjective difficulties our pupils may face. 

We appreciate that now more than ever, the job market is increasing in competition and deciding what career path to take can be an overwhelming experience for students if one does not have the correct guidance. Through our Coaching programme, our experienced and talented tutors will aid with all UCAS enquiries, CV building skills and professional careers advice to help our students achieve their biggest goals. We also provide the option of 1-1 private enquiries with our tutors should our pupils require solo attention and guided personalised coaching on other aspects of their academic journey which can also include but is not limited to scholarship and grammar school applications, 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+  examinations, verbal/non-verbal reasoning and arithmetic and numerical reasoning examinations.

If you are interested in our Confidence Building programme, Coaching programme or 1-1 private enquiry sessions then please leave your enquiry with us and we will get back to you to discuss the options available.