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The vision of The Achievers Club is primarily to address inequalities in access to high quality education. TAC seeks to empower pupils through the provision of skills to level the playing field in access to prospective education opportunities. TAC is also targeted towards providing universal access to disadvantaged children and all children who have the innate abilities to reach the standard of attainment required to pass examinations. Additionally, TAC will provide those pupils attending with life skills to enable them to be more confident, articulate and to perform better at school; providing them with a foundation of life skills for school and later on in life.
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Aim and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the club are to assist pupils in achieving better attainment levels in whatever educational path they decide to pursue. The ethos of the club is to support pupils’ learning and assist them in their development; providing them with an opportunity to be equipped with the correct tools to  become successful individuals.

The club has a bespoke operating model, utilising tutors who are qualified to teach and support pupils from key stages 1 – 5. Our learning environment ensures that our pupils feel safe, valued and enjoy social and educational activities together.

The Achievers Club will improve opportunities for all pupils and enable them to grow up happier, healthier and better able to maximise their enjoyment and learning potential in school.

The Club has an ethos of openness, honesty and seeks to achieve better outcomes for all pupils. This will be achieved through working in partnership with parents/carers and qualified tutors to deliver tailored educational sessions and to understand the needs and the existing level of attainment of the children undertaking this programme. Our professional tutors will build on the pupils’ existing foundation; respecting the pupils diversity, culture, individuality and abilities. We will provide an environment that supports individual learning and developmental needs and will build on pupils’ needs and interests in order to extend their learning; creating a place where all pupils of all abilities can participate and grow. The strategic objectives identified are built around government guidelines.

This will involve consultation with the tutors, facilitators and parents in conjunction with other professionals. We believe that every student deserves the best possible start in life in order to help them reach greater heights.