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At TAC we aim to empower young learners through the provision of skills in order to increase confidence, educational attainment and interpersonal interactions.
TAC aims to assist children in providing supportive learning resources to help them in their learning and development, providing them with the right tools to become successful individuals.
The sessions at TAC will build on the child’s existing foundation; respecting the children’s diversity, culture, individuality and abilities.


We at The Achievers Club (TAC) are extremely passionate about the learning and development of the children. TAC provides high quality education to improve better outcomes for all pupils by providing bespoke lessons to facilitate the needs of the pupils, in order that each of our pupils are able to develop fully as an individual and become well-adjusted to the wider community.

The vision of The Achievers Club is primarily to address inequalities in access to high quality education. TAC seeks to empower pupils through the provision of skills to level the playing field in access to prospective education opportunities. TAC is also targeted towards providing universal access to disadvantaged children and all children who have the innate abilities to reach the standard of attainment required to pass examinations. Additionally, TAC will provide those pupils attending with life skills to enable them to be more confident, articulate and to perform better at school; providing them with a foundation of life skills for school and later on in life.

Subjects and courses

Our tutors understand the importance of the role that they play in a young person’s development and attitude to learning. Private online tuition is entirely dependent upon the rapport between student and teacher. Years of experience in private tuition has taught us that when it works: self-confidence will be raised, key skills will be learnt and most importantly of all, there is real a sense of enjoyment.

Online and group tuition is also
available for all levels, please enquire with us to find out more.


Our Mathematics and English Literature programmes are designed to ensure the students feel confident about their exams. From extra resources to mock exams throughout the year, we ensure that our students are always testing their own capabilities. Where necessary and within a reasonable timeframe, special materials can be prepared for our students to ensure they are always progressing.

Our A-Level students can make use of our careers advice which includes personal statement and UCAS help on our FastFutures programme at a discounted price, you can find more out here. 

If you want more information, leave your number or email address and we will be in contact with you!


Our children are safe with our compassionate
teachers who can understand the psychology

Kate Alexander

French Teacher

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Beatrice Wheeler

Dance Teacher

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Elnora Pierce

Activity Teacher

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Jeanette Pratt

Language Teacher

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Bettie Pratt

Outdor Teacher

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Georgia Little

Fitness Coach

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If you are interested in becoming a tutor with
TAC please fill out this enquiry form


The thing that I liked the most about The Achievers Club is that they genuinely care about our learning and do everything they can.


The way the teachers encouraged me even in the toughest situations. Everything is brilliant I do not want to change anything as I like the way it is.


What I like about The Achiever's Club is that we have special visitors and we do zoom meetings.


I miss and loved all the fun times we had during class, they have always been there for me.


The thing I loved the most about The Achievers Club was the teachers because they were probably some of the best teachers I have ever known as they were very polite, smart, funny and the list continues. In the future I would like to see The Achievers Club still standing because it is the best tuition ever.


I liked the English competition as it gave me the opportunity to tell the teachers about what I want to do when I grow up. In the future I would like more competitions.


It is amazing when we meet inspirational people and I would love to see more people join.


Our results

TAC has been devout in delivering our bespoke holistic learning curriculum and has played a central role in galvanising our students to develop an aptitude to not only earn ecstatic grades but something less emphasised on – their attitude towards learning itself. Our tutors and staff embody our ethos whereby the manner of teaching in itself is carefully evaluated and applied to ensure our pupils are motivated to set goals and achieve them. Discussions about ambition, motivation and character building are never averted from in the classroom – at TAC one of our primary goals is to embolden the innate achiever within the student to reach ANY heights they wish to and we ascertain that they do for the period that they are with us.
In light of recent events, given the extremely unprecedented times, we responded strategically in realigning our service delivery model; from classroom-based to offering an online service to ensure service continuity for the children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The service has been delivered over a series of 2 hours’ sessions during the academic year; mirroring the term dates and avoiding significant interruptions stemming from COVID 19. We can successfully affirm that all content was delivered online at the impeccable standard that we hold ourselves to, rather, we introduced further checkpoints for learning to guarantee that pupils did not sense anything lacking from their standard experience with us.